Specially designed for individuals aged between 18-35

A series of 4 interactive workshops delivered by knowledgeable advisers.

We will teach investing skills that will last a lifetime and empower people to take control of their financial future.

  • Easy investing tips you can do as a young person
  • Kickstarting the investment journey
  • Ongoing guidance, specifically designed to guide first time investors

We are passionate about providing financial education to our clients.


In-Person Learning

We provide quality financial literacy for young investors from all backgrounds and socio-economic levels.

Equip yourself with investment education through our series of in-person seminars over 4 weeks.

Zoom meetings have become commonplace since COVID-19 swpt the globe. While online meetings are crucial for many companies to operate working from home mandates, we feel that in-person seminars offer a variety of benefits that online cannot match.

Introducing our instructors

Alex Dickson

Financial Adviser  |  Catapult Wealth

People that know me are aware of my passion for constant personal growth and learning. One of the major benefits of constant learning is the ability to teach and help others grow.

In addition to having financial goals, I believe having personal goals and accomplishments throughout your life makes a big difference to your overall happiness and wellbeing. I am constantly learning and trying new things, whether it’s keeping up to date with changes in the financial services industry, competing in a triathlon for the first time or learning a new language.

It’s about you understanding the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ so you can consciously take control of your future and have confidence in your plan.

Christina Tran

Financial Adviser  |  Catapult Wealth

Christina recently became an Authorised Representative of Catapult Wealth – becoming Catapult Wealth’s first female Financial Adviser!

Always open to the idea of new challenges, from July 2022, she will also be hosting the Catapult | ED: NextGen podcast to share all her financial tips and insights to help guide the next generation towards a successful financial future.

Christina is our ‘Super expert’, featured on numerous podcasts and blogs as a technical expert. Christina is a big believer in financial education and teaching people the benefits of starting young and the huge difference it came make over a lifetime.

Kosta Petrovic
Financial Adviser  |  Catapult Wealth

What matters to Kosta is that he educates his clients in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner so that they can make informed financial decisions.

He has always enjoyed learning about money and would like to share his expertise with others who do not have the time to do so. Kosta was interviewed on the Catapult | ED: NextGen podcast discussing the myths surrounding Financial Advisers.

Kosta believes that wealth starts with a savings plan. You need to take control of your personal finances and adopt a disciplined approach to build savings; your income must exceed your expenditure. Saving is of particular importance to singles and couples without children. A fundamental of investing is that time is on your side, provided you start early, you will get a better result.


Sam Crugnale
Associate Adviser  |  Catapult Wealth

“Success is earning the respect of intellectual people; enduring the opinions of honest critics and being philanthropic with your time”

Sam is currently working at Catapult Wealth as an Associate Financial Adviser and has worked in a variety of environments enabling a wide set of skills to be developed to support any number of financial settings.

Timely focus on meeting internal and external client expectations in addition to proactive communication and diligence ensures that he is a valuable member of Hub39. Sam has worked directly with clients to combine proven cash management strategies with accurate forecasting, to help maximise cash flow, identify growth opportunities and sustain business practices.

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