Pre-retirement & retirement

Gearing in to retirement brings with it a raft of lifestyle changes, and ensuring your lifestyle is structured on your terms involves some forward thinking and planning. Restructuring your assets and cash flow ay be a necessity at pre-retirement, as well as planning your tax position.

Many pre retirees need to review what they want from retirement and start the planning process a number of years ahead to reach those goals.

Young individuals
& families

Starting a career or starting a family is one of the biggest financial steps a young person makes. Formulating an effective savings strategy at a young age can provide individuals an opportunity to enter the housing market or assist with child care and school fees.

Whatever the goal is, a savings plan is the cornerstone of achieving any financial goal, no matter how big or small.

If you’re planning a family, we can discuss your needs for insurance, estate planning and an overarching savings strategy to ensure your family is protected against the unknown and unplanned.


For our clients navigating through mid-life, our role is primarily to help you stay on course with your plan and help mitigate any obstacles that may appear. Many clients also approach us at this stage once the children are non-dependant and their careers are heading in the right direction. Priorities change in life and we are all about guiding you through those changes.

Mid life provides many clients the opportunity to switch their focus to wealth accumulation, whether that be through superannuation, investments or restructuring the family business.

Families in

Family businesses are the most common type of organisation in Australia. Every family owned business faces unique challenges, with many not surviving to the next generations. Family issues can affect business, and business issues can affect families.

The problems confronting the stakeholders of a family business are often unique. As an accredited Family Business adviser, Catapult Wealth have the knowledge, skills and experience to work with you to face challenges, develop strategies and to deliver results.

Our goal in working with the family business is to not only see the business grow and prosper, but to see better family relationships and achievement of shared goals.