To celebrate 10 years of Catapult Wealth, Director Tony Catt has written a series of blogs capturing the last 10 years as a business. What’s the story behind…

What is the Catapult Foundation?

The Catapult Foundation was born from a desire to help people less fortunate. We mainly aim to support kids in South Australia and charities that don’t have their own big marketing or fundraising teams that could help themselves. We support vitally important organisations that operate with limited resources.

We’ve been really proud of our relationship over the last 10 years with Operation Flinders, Variety – the children’s foundation, Catherine House, Hutt Street Centre and more recently with Breakthrough Foundation.

We have set up a number of initiatives through the Foundation and have encouraged all the team to be part of giving to charities. We’ve done this by introducing a volunteer day where our team members receive a paid day off to go volunteer at a charity and help out when needed. We also do gold coin donations for Casual Friday in the office. This year we have introduced an annual golf day to connect our clients to the foundation and what it does, but also to further support our selected charity partners.

Over the 10 years, we’ve contributed and donated approximately half a million dollars of funds to the various charities, which I believe is a significant achievement and something we’re very proud of.

There is a strong connection between Catapult Wealth and the Foundation. Catapult Wealth prides itself on its transparent fee for service offering, however where commissions cannot be refunded directly to the client, Catapult Wealth will donate all rebated revenue to the Foundation, ensuring a true fee for service approach.

The charity will continue to grow, and I can say, one of the major plans that we need to continue to get it to grow, will be connecting it to our clients.