To celebrate 10 years of Catapult Wealth, Director Tony Catt has written a series of blogs capturing the last 10 years as a business.

Helping farming families is a major component of Catapult Wealth. We have a significant presence in regional SA, NSW and Victoria. But how did Catapult Wealth get involved?

Growth in farming

The background to our growth in farming clients are due to two major initiatives.

The first is my background in farming. I married my wife Lisa, who is from Renmark and we’ve been married now for 20 years.

Marrying into a farming family has taught me a lot about what farming families do, how they operate, how they deal with one another, both financially and emotionally and how they implement succession planning. It was interesting to see how people in farming communities were struggling with these types of conversations around succession planning and transition, retiring planning and wealth management in general.

Since then, I made a commitment to get heavily involved in this area, and the first step was becoming a credited Adviser with Family Business Australia. I spent a lot of time travelling around South Australia with Register Training Organisations and presented talks about succession planning and similar topics. This has led to now having a significant presence with clients in all four corners of South Australia, regional NSW and Victoria.

The second major initiative is from one of our partnered accounting firms that had a number of clients in Tintinara and Tumby Bay. We then decided to have an office in both Tintinara and Tumby Bay, eventually leading to another in McLaren Vale. Through the presence in those country regions and visiting regularly, we’re really proud of our relationships with people in those towns.

I am very blessed for them to welcome us into their communities and be involved at all levels. We look forward to our ongoing commitments to those communities. The regional presence and flying over to places like Tumby Bay and driving down to Tintinara regularly will continue to help people in those regions, build relationships and assist Catapult Wealth in flourishing.


Image: Tony’s property in Renmark during harvest 2020