To celebrate 10 years of Catapult Wealth, Director Tony Catt has written a series of blogs capturing the last 10 years as a business. Let’s start the series with…

How did we come up with the name “Catapult Wealth”?

We get asked a lot, how did you come with the name “Catapult Wealth”. A few people think it was named after myself, using “Cat” from my last name. However, the story of the origin goes a little differently.

We hired a firm called Pitstop Marketing to help us set up our new business and come up with a name. We engaged with Penelope Bettison who organised several meetings with me to talk about our values, what we stood for. A lot of the values and the commentary of what we tried to achieve was about being a little bit old school and that we do things in a very transparent way. We also wanted to talk about goal setting and going on a journey with our clients. With that in mind, there were a number of names that got thrown around the table.

For anyone who has ever been involved in setting up a business and getting a name, knows it can be a very subjective conversation.

Ultimately, Penelope rang me on a Sunday afternoon, and she said to me that she has got it! She had spent the afternoon at a vineyard down in McLaren Vale, called Wirra Wirra with her sister. Her sister was the Marketing Manager for Wirra Wirra at the time.

For a bit of fun, Wirra Wirra had built a catapult next to their vineyard. Their visitors could come in, grab a pumpkin, load it up on the catapult and shoot it into a local paddock. This activity formed the name for their Catapult Shiraz. Penelope thought this was perfect for us, and that is where the name ‘Catapult’ was found. The reason behind the name was all to do with a Catapult, launching into and aiming for certain goals.

Stay tuned for more 10 years of Catapult Wealth!