To celebrate 10 years of Catapult Wealth, Director Tony Catt has written a series of blogs capturing the last 10 years as a business.

10 years ago, we made the decision to change the office location and set up the beginning of Hub39.

A Change of office and the beginning of Hub39

At the very beginning, it was just Theresa and I putting together the start of the firm of Catapult Wealth. We started out on a journey in a little old villa in the middle of Unley Road. As we continued to grow and grow, we realised that our office wasn’t going to suit our needs anymore. We had a couple of key things we wanted when deciding where to move office.

Our main concern was not to go back into the city, as this was going to be problematic around the clients coming in and dropping and signing documents. Our regional clients, in particular, don’t like the city at all, from a parking and traffic perspective so we felt strongly about not wanting to go back in the city. It also stops a lot of our Advisers going out and seeing their clients at last notice as it’s very difficult getting in and out with car parking, etc.

With that in mind, we wanted something close enough to the city to be more central, which is why we came up with Norwood. We wanted to move into a place that was big enough to allow for growth down the track and a future-proof building, which we believed it did.

We are currently at 39 Charles Street and when we first got there, we had too much space. We initially put in a gym and a kid’s room with an Xbox. It worked out great for the kids as it was somewhere they could go while their parents visited us. But, as we grew and grew, we had to reconsider those two features in the building.

We didn’t want to make our office stuffy or opulent, we wanted to make it professional, but family orientated. I feel that we have achieved this with the reception area and meeting rooms. They’re nice and comfortable for people coming into our office.

We’ve also put a significant upgrade into internet technology within the building over the last 10 years. We have put in more smart TVs around the building and in each meeting room to allow for growth and change. Due to more and more cloud based computing, we found our internet usage significantly increased so we made sure to take that into consideration with our technology upgrades as well.

Over the last 10 years, we have evolved and believe the digital revolution is upon us. We have invested in equipment to ensure we are at the forefront of digital communication and that we can continue to be in the future.