Ensure your Super doesn’t exceed the caps

The concessional contributions cap was reset to $25,000 for everyone (irrespective of age) last year.  For those earning $210,000 or more – the compulsory Employer Superannuation Guarantee of 9.5 per cent will total around $20,000 a year and will see your...

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Let Common Sense Prevail

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to investing, beauty can be seen as an opportunity. It's also important to see opportunities from both sides: some opportunities are there to be taken whilst others are to be avoided. Often these...

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Have your cake and eat it

When it comes to property investing, the merits between investing in your own name and through a superannuation fund have long since been debated. In reality there are pros and cons to both, and many factors to consider such as: Do I have to borrow money to afford the...

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