Self-managed Superannuation

Superannuation forms a fundamental part of most (if not all) investment and retirement strategies. The considerable tax advantages of super, both when you are working, and after you retire are far too good to ignore.

Self-managed super funds have been growing at a phenomenal rate for many years as people seek to control the investment of their retirement savings. Flexibility in selecting your own investments, controlling management costs and facilitating estate planning are seen as distinct advantages.


Top 8 reasons to self manage your super fund

  • Self managed super funds provide you with the opportunity to reduce income tax on investment income and capital gains
  • Self managed super funds increase the flexibility of investment choices and the asset selection
  • Self managed super funds provide control over your total investment portfolio, with the ability to take account of the risk profile of all your assets, including those held outside

  • Self managed super funds have between 1-4 members in the fund and allow the pooling of resources of others with similar financial objectives (for example, a family unit)
  • Self managed super funds provide maximum flexibility in relation to the use of pension income streams such as Account Based Pensions inclusive of Transition to Retirement Income Streams

  • Self managed super funds provide Increased flexibility to use the advantages Superannuation offers for those people trying to access Centrelink benefits such as the age pension

  • Self managed Super funds give you the ability to transfer personally owned shares and other listed securities directly into superannuation

  • Self managed super funds have the opportunity to borrow or gear and investment, via limited recourse borrowing arrangements, provided the asset is allowed under the rules of the SIS Act.

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